About me:

Amai Shinse

I'm a electronic musician from Mexico City. Since 2001 I've been producing several Electronic Music styles. Due I'm a Japanese culture passionate, since 2013 start to produce Electro Pop with Japanese influence. My first encounter with the J-Pop Music was on 2001 with greatest japanese personalities like: Pizzicato Five, Fantastic Plastic Machine and Towa Tei. Later I discover more and more interesting Japanese music and finally I decided to produce my own and original music, enriched with all those influences. Thanks to Vocaloid and its characters: Lily, Matcha, Azuki, Mew and Yukari I finally found the perfect vocalists for this kind of music with a kawaii touch. Majority of my gigs are held in J-Pop/Idol events and or Japanese Culture related venues. Recently I've composed the original soundtrack from Miumiku Miau's Youtube channel.
My gigs are complemented on stage with Natsu No Yuki's talent and with the energetic cyalum dance by the Wotas from Wota Kokuren.
I hope you enjoy my music, because my music are made for you.